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Salesforce is the global leader in CRM, helping companies connect with customers in a whole new way. Founded in 1999, Salesforce enables companies of every size and industry to digitally transform around their customers by harnessing the power of automation, artificial intelligence, and real-time data to make every customer experience more personal, valuable, and memorable. With a global community driven by shared core values, Salesforce is more than a business, it is a platform for change

Overview-Salesforce Sales Cloud


The Client used manual processes to track customer’s accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities including product and finance-related data. The following pain points were identified during the discovery phase of the project:

  • Inability to track and maintain the inquiry pipeline across the sales regions with respect to different marketing platforms and lead sources
  • It is not commonplace to see daily activities and next steps related to the client’s prospects, leads, and customers.
  • There is no information to measure engagement, such as the number of emails distributed to contacts, managing the subscriptions to newsletters, marketing collaterals, etc.
  • There is no defined process to track the customer’s journey or the usability of multiple products by customers.
  • Limited usage of Integration and communication tools like Emails, Spreadsheets, etc. for coordination across the business lines
  • Manual Entry of business details for Newsletter Content and the client’s interest related to different products and services offered
  • Inefficiency in managing the inflow of leads, their conversion to opportunities, and their impact on positioning products and services to the target audience


  • Configure pipeline management utilising Salesforce best practises: leads, Accounts, Contacts, Activities, and opportunities.
  • Accelerating productivity with automation: workflows, triggers, and alerts.
  • Capturing more prospects through Lead collection, assignment, and Lead scoring.
  • Improving campaign management by gaining insight into what strategies are working best and those that aren't.
  • Building Reports and Dashboards to collect the right information, closely track progress, and make better decisions.
  • Setting up forecasting and outlining the training necessary to get your team up-to-speed on the system and understanding business rules.
  • Create a web-to-lead page to capture leads and help customers configure it on public-facing websites.


Sales cloud is an all-in-one sales tool and CRM that combines most of the same capabilities you will find in other tools. However, with sales cloud, you get the sales automation features you need all in one place. Sales cloud empowers businesses to manage leads, track progress, and automate sales processes with ease. Generate more pipeline, close deals & personally connect to customers with sales cloud. Unlock business growth and elevate customer success with the power of ai+data+crm Technologies:-

  • Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Apex, Asynchronous Apex , Synchronous Apex, Trigger, SOQL, Flow, Data Modeling)
  • LWC (Lightning Web Component) Java Script, HTML, CSS


Sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently with AI, data, and CRM. Boost productivity and grow in a whole new way with the #1 CRM for sales. With Sales Cloud, you can grow your accounts faster, find new customers faster, and close deals faster from anywhere, helping to identify qualified leads and building customer relationships that foster loyalty and retention.
User engagement
Not only do sales teams help increase lead conversion rates, but they also allow for super-direct marketing campaigns and can help qualify all your leads.
Profitable conversions
Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM platform designed to support sales, marketing, and customer support in both B2B and B2C contexts.

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