Enterprise Resource Management

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Enterprise Resource Management


As HR processes grow, modernize, and evolve, challenges around scheduling and staffing are becoming increasingly complex. Workforce management (WFM) is all about using your workforce in the most effective way, as well as making sure that the right people get assigned the right jobs. These software platforms include features that address everything from employee scheduling, attendance tracking, leave management, employee onboarding, HRIS, time tracking, and payroll. Having a clear and concise strategic workforce direction for the company

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The Perspective Challenge – The need for managers to undergo a shift in their thinking about the workforce; from a cost to be minimized to the primary source of growth and value creation.

  • The Metrics Challenge – Requires developing the metrics to assess and help guide the execution of workforce strategy. For Line as well as HR Managers, the strategy and metrics should focus on the workforce and not just the HR function.
  • The Execution Challenge – Involves helping managers use workforce data to improve the quality of decision-making in their businesses.


Assimilate developed an ERP system for Workforce Management. Using the new system their productivity will increase 30% - 50% as all data and workflows will be managed centrally. The system revolves around major modules like Scheduling, Time Processing, Reporting, and Payroll reports. ERP is a Window-based application. ERP will offer you a Workforce Manager including Scheduling and Positioning. Scheduling in ERP is fast and flexible, a self-contained, single solution.

  • The system will simultaneously schedule hundreds of employees for an event or shift by department, skill level, availability, pay rate, position, and business work rules, whether union, non-union or a combination of both.
  • In Scheduling, staffing levels and positions required for various types of events and shifts are established through easily configurable templates.


The system provides a solution to allow authorized employees of licensed ABI clients and volunteers to check in/check out for their work shifts at locations approved by their employers. It can save time and money with the features like Scheduling,
User engagement
Time and Attendance, Reporting, Support, and Payroll reports in which Work in progress (WIP) data and its history is maintained.
Profitable conversions
Increased company profitability by more than 8%

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