Next.js as new tomorrow!!!


JUNE 12, 2021

As we step into a new tomorrow, our hunger and need for innovation and creativity seem to ameliorate.

Improved development process = cost and time benefit to our clients. Improved performance = faster applications.

Improved SEO = more indexable, SEO friendly applications.

Considering our clients as our godfather, serving cost and time benefits to our client is utmost important. Hence keeping our team talent upgraded is a priority.

Something next best that is to happen is shifting from Node.js to Next.js. Definitely a worth it move!

Enhancements that Next JS helps you incorporate into your business. Boost your marketing and advertising channels and increase your overall visibility and brand awareness in the process. Outrank and outperform your competitors and rivals in the market. Deliver an innovative and remarkable user experience to your clients. Cut down on your maintenance costs by a substantial margin. Scale your business in real-time and pave the path for its subsequent growth and expansion.

For a deep dive into Next.js you can refer the below resource.